Water Damage? Restore your home to its original condition with our Melbourne Water Damage Carpet Cleaning!


Water damage to your home and carpet needs to be cleaned up and dealt with immediately. Any type of water damage in your home is unexpected and unfortunate – be it from flooding, sewage backup, burst pipes, leaking roof, water overflow from dishwashers, washing machines, toilets or bath tubs.

To prevent your Melbourne property from water damage to flooring, wall interiors, ceilings and exposure to the formation of bacteria, mould, mildew and odour, you need to organise flood cleaning and floor restoration quickly.

Leaving your carpet to dry on its own and not having treatment by a cleaning professional service can cost you in the long run. By organising water damage carpet cleaning at the time of the issue you will save yourself heartache.

You can’t see what’s actually happening beneath the carpet and this is where the damage is progressing. The water creates a breeding ground for mould within the carpet spores and underlay, eventually surfacing with a foul odour and appearing black spots.

Prompt action prevents replacement of the carpet and structural damage, saving you money!

Our Melbourne flood cleaning team at Crystal Clean Carpet & Tiles are qualified to restore your property by providing the following flood restoration services:


  • Perform a thorough inspection of the contaminated areas
  • Relocate any undamaged possessions
  • Safe disposal of any non-restorable materials
  • Initiate repair treatment with hot water extraction using advanced technology
  • Stabilise the growth of mould by using anti-microbial sprays and other mould prevention methods
  • Activate blowers to restore and dry the water damaged area quickly, thoroughly and aid air circulation
  • Activate dehumidifiers to ensure excess moisture from flooding is evaporated

When flooding happens call Crystal Clean Carpet & Tiles to organize your full Water Damage Restoration and get your property back in order Quickly, Efficiently and Effectively 24 hours 7 days a week!