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Vinyl/Laminate Floor Cleaning & Sealing

Crystal Clean has a team of experienced technicians who know how to take care of vinyl and laminate flooring to ensure the lifespan of the material. Your floors are an investment and should be treated with top-notch care. Our professionals know what type of cleaners to use and the best cleaning methods to take care of different types of vinyl and laminate floors.

Vinyl/Laminate Floor Cleaning & Sealing Melbourne

Crystal Clean is skilled in removing scuffs and scratches from vinyl and laminate flooring and restoring your floors to a like-new condition. Do you desire a showroom floor look for your kitchens? Is your bathroom laminate stained and worn? Don’t hesitate for one minute! Crystal Clean can take care of your dirty floors quickly and affordably.

Strip and seal

Unfortunately, vinyl often gets damaged beyond the point of simple maintenance. At Crystal Clean Carpet & Tiles, we remove floor sealers and polishes from vinyl and linoleum floors using a quick and safe floor stripper specifically designed for this purpose. Our professional technicians apply the stripping solution, which softens the seal or polish and in doing so makes it easier to remove. We then use a specialized machine with stripping pads to scrub away the remaining sealer or polish, using a pH neutralizing additive to wash away any remaining solution. We carefully apply chemical resistance and sealers to your floor, toughening it up and restoring it to its peak condition.

Some store-bought cleaning products can result in further damage to your floors. Don’t let hard and intrusive chemicals destroy your home. Crystal Clean has premium laminate floor cleaning & restoration products that are safe to use and leave a beautiful finish.

Regular routine vinyl and laminate floor cleaning and sealing are crucial elements in preserving the life of your floors. Call Crystal Clean today for a free estimate and make us your trusted source for all your home cleaning and restoration needs.

With over two decades’ experience in the industry, Crystal Clean Carpet & Tiles are your vinyl floor cleaning specialists!

Suitable for all types of floors in almost every type of building, Crystal Clean Carpet & Tiles Cleaning Melbourne is the vinyl floor cleaning expert you can trust. For more information about striping and sealing vinyl flooring or for any of our other services, simply get in touch by calling 1300 767 760 or filling out our contact form today.

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