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Couch, Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstered furniture items like couches, sofas and armchairs bring comfort and warmth to your home, creating welcoming spaces for the whole family to enjoy together.

However, typical day-to-day use means that upholstery and soft furnishings are continually exposed to contaminants like dirt, sweat, and food particles, along with dust, pet dander and more. Regular upholstery cleaning will not only keep your furniture looking and feeling good as new, but also free from potentially harmful agents and allergens that can too easily be harboured in fabric fibres.

Crystal Clean’s full furniture cleaning service ensures your couch, sofa, dining chairs, car seats, and more remain immaculate. Our team of qualified upholstery technicians use industry-leading equipment to clean and sanitise your furniture, restoring it to its original beauty and comfort.

What can You Expect from our Couch, Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne Service?

1. Fabric Identification

The professional cleaners at Crystal Clean Carpet &Tiles will identify your upholstery fabric to ensure the correct cleaning procedures are implemented.

2. Dry Vacuum

We use a commercial vacuum cleaner with upholstery attachment to pick-up dry soil.

3. Application of Solution

When cleaning furniture and upholstery, Crystal Clean Carpet & Tiles applies a detergent pre-spray and agitates with a brush to penetrate the soil and marks for better removal.

4. Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning)

For steam cleaning of upholstery, our cleaning team use a water based solution which is injected into the fabric, and then excess solution along with suspended soil is removed.

5. Powerful suction. Quick Drying!

Crystal Clean Carpet & Tiles uses a strong vacuum suction system on the upholstery to remove moisture to facilitate quick drying time.

Hot Water Extraction is the most effective method of Upholstery Cleaning for heavy soiled fabrics. We aim to achieve optimum results using our knowledge and expertise, so your furniture is left Clean, Sanitised and looking Fabulous!

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