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Carpet Steam Cleaning

Your carpet acts as a filter for soils, gases, pet or human dander and other numerous materials. Also from time to time accidents happen, Ops! This includes spillages of drinks, food and other substances. This leads to the formation of bacteria, fungus, mold and dust mites. These can cause or exacerbate allergies, asthma, eczema and other adverse health effects. Furthermore, the soils physically damage the fibres of your carpet creating a faded appearance.

A thorough extraction of these harmful materials is crucial and should be done professionally. Crystal Clean Carpet & Tiles use Hot Water Extraction (Steam Cleaning) to deeply penetrate the fibres with the most powerful truck mount system engineered to guarantee optimal removal. That’s why we have invested in the best machine to provide you with the best experience!

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What are the Benefits of a Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning System?

  • High Water Temperature kills bacteria, fungus, mold & dust mites
  • High Pressure breaks down oily and greasy soils deeply embedded in the carpet fibres
  • Powerful Lift (vacuum suction) extracts the dirty water and solution to leave your carpet rejuvenated

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What can You Expect from our Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Service?


1. Inspection

It is very important to identify the particular carpet fibre we are cleaning. We also examine any stains, odour and discoloration to ensure the correct cleaning method and agent is applied to your specific carpet.

2. Dry Vacuuming

This is a MUST to remove dry particle soil. We use an industry leading upright vacuum which has an effective filtration system.

3. Preconditioning – The Wash Cycle

We apply child, pet and eco-friendly cleaning agents to your carpet, including pre-treatment of spots and stains, followed by agitation with a brushing tool to loosen the soil (soil suspension).

4. Hot Water Extraction – The Rinse Cycle

Hot water and rinsing agent is injected under pressure and then extracted. This removes the soil and excess moisture.

5. Grooming (Pile Setting)

Depending on the style of your carpet, a grooming tool is used on your carpet to enhance its appearance and to assist with drying.

6. Drying

Furthermore, we activate the Dri-Pod Floor Dryer to enhance evaporation and to quickly remove surface moisture, so you can use your carpet sooner!

7. FREE Deodorise

We apply deodoriser to provide a pleasant fragrance, this is optional with no extra cost.

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