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I had booked my end of lease carpet clean with Crystal Clean and I was happy with my decision; the cleaner came on time, got everything done and it passed the inspection.
You never realise how hard it is to do an end of lease clean until you try to it all by yourself. Talked to Saydee at Crystal Clean about my worries and she offered a cleaner to help me on short notice if I wouldn’t make it. Even though I didn’t need the help in the end, it gave me some peace of mind and a backup plan. What an amazing service and a reasonable price too!


30 Aug 2018

Hi, just wanted to provide some positive feedback for the couch cleaning I had on Monday 22/10. The staff member that came was polite and courteous, and did a great job. He even managed to almost completely remove an enamel paint stain that I didn’t expect would budge at all, but also stopped short of removing it completely to avoid discolouring the surrounding couch.
Thanks for a great job – we will hire your services again next time!


31 Oct 2018

We used Crystal Clean to provide carpet cleaning services and we are delighted with the professionalism your company demonstrates and the final result is excellent. We will recommend you to all our friends.

Peter G

20 Nov 2018

What is Carpet Dry Cleaning?

Recommended for light soiled carpet and used as an interim measure between full restorative cleans, a dry cleaning service will leave your carpet reinvigorated. When your carpet needs a refresher, this is an ideal solution.

The method we use – known as encapsulation – offers a highly efficient approach to dirt removal. It incorporates very little moisture compared to other carpet cleaning techniques, and therefore boasts the convenience of dry carpet within a much shorter timespan.

The encapsulation cleaning process involves working a specialised cleaning agent into the carpet using a rotary agitation tool. This action breaks down soiling agents that have become attached to the carpet fibres, surrounding them to form a crystalline residue that prevents reattachment. This residue is then dry vacuumed away.

The cleaning agent we use is safe for children and pets, as well as eco-friendly.

Why choose this method?

  • Fast drying time – Walk on your carpet in 20 mins!
  • Provides a deep down clean
  • Carpet stays cleaner for longer, which lengthens the time between restoration cleans
  • Eliminates recurring spill stains and wicking
  • Increases life of the carpet
  • Leaves no residue
  • Reinvigorates limp carpet

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What can you expect from our Dry Cleaning service?

1. Inspection

It is very important to identify the particular carpet fibre we are cleaning. Inspection is required to ensure the correct cleaning method and agent is applied to your specific carpet.

2. Pre-Vacuuming

This is a MUST to remove dry particle soil. We use an industry leading upright vacuum which has an effective filtration system.

3. Preconditioning - The Wash Cycle

We apply child, pet and eco-friendly encapsulation agent to your carpet, followed by our rotary agitation equipment.

4. Post-Vacuuming

Encapsulated dirt and residues are removed by Dry Vacuum. This is best completed 24 hours after the clean for optimal results.

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