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I had booked my end of lease carpet clean with Crystal Clean and I was happy with my decision; the cleaner came on time, got everything done and it passed the inspection.
You never realise how hard it is to do an end of lease clean until you try to it all by yourself. Talked to Saydee at Crystal Clean about my worries and she offered a cleaner to help me on short notice if I wouldn’t make it. Even though I didn’t need the help in the end, it gave me some peace of mind and a backup plan. What an amazing service and a reasonable price too!


30 Aug 2018

Hi, just wanted to provide some positive feedback for the couch cleaning I had on Monday 22/10. The staff member that came was polite and courteous, and did a great job. He even managed to almost completely remove an enamel paint stain that I didn’t expect would budge at all, but also stopped short of removing it completely to avoid discolouring the surrounding couch.
Thanks for a great job – we will hire your services again next time!


31 Oct 2018

We used Crystal Clean to provide carpet cleaning services and we are delighted with the professionalism your company demonstrates and the final result is excellent. We will recommend you to all our friends.

Peter G

20 Nov 2018

Need Couch Cleaning in Melbourne?

Upholstered furniture items like couches, sofas and armchairs bring comfort and warmth to your home. They also create a welcoming space the whole family can enjoy together.

But maintaining that space isn’t always easy!

Typical day-to-day use means that upholstery and soft furnishings are continually exposed to contaminants like dirt, sweat, and food particles, along with dust, pet dander and more.

A regular upholstery cleaning done by professionals will keep your furniture looking and feeling good as new. It will also free it from potentially harmful agents and allergens that can too easily be harboured in fabric fibres.

Why Use Us?

Crystal Clean Carpet & Tiles full furniture cleaning service ensures your couch, sofa, dining chairs, car seats, and any other fabric itemsare left clean and looking andfeeling immaculate.

Our team of technical excellence, holding IICRC Certifications, combined with industry-leading equipment will clean and sanitise your furniture, restoring it to its original beauty and comfort.

When there is a need for couch cleaning, Melbourne residents can rely on usto provide premium results using our knowledge and expertise. Whether itsfor residential, commercial or industrial purposes,our team have you covered so your furniture is left Clean, Sanitised and looking Fabulous!

Our team has many decades of combined experience, and we apply that to every new project that we’re asked to do. When there is a need for couch cleaning, Melbourne residents come to us, so what are you waiting for? Give us a call and Book your couch cleaning service with us today on 1300 767 760!

Which Couch Cleaning Method is Best?

Hot Water Extraction (also known as Steam Cleaning) is the most effective method of Upholstery Cleaning for heavy soiled fabricsand it’s also environmentally friendly.It’s a technique that is often used for carpets too, only a different tool and pressure is applied. Your upholstered furniture will have:

  •  A Thorough and Deeper Clean
  •  Removal of stains
  •  Elimination of harmful germs and allergens
  •  Look and feel new

Steam cleaning is not easy to do on your own!

If you do it yourself, then you can risk leaving further stains behind from any solution that hasn’t been removed. That residue can, in turn, attract further dirt and grime — which means more work! You can also run the risk of overwetting the fabric causing water damage. That’s why it’s alwaysbest to call the big-gun professionals to do it for you!

Also important to mention is sometimes there are stains which require Advance Stain Removal. Special solutions, with the skill of our professionally trained technicians of course, work like magic on most stains caused by coffee, tea, urine, paint, blood, ink and many other difficult to remove discolorations.

Fabric Identification

The professional cleaners at Crystal Clean Carpet & Tiles will identify your upholstery fabric to ensure the correct cleaning procedures are implemented and your couch doesn’t get damaged.


Linen is made out of flax and it a very durable fibre. It combines a soft and smooth feel with resistant to soiling. Beware, however, that linen is often mixed with cotton to make it elastic.


Cotton has many of the same qualities as linen but gets soiled more easily. Pure cotton is best cleaned with soap and water, but many cottons are also mixed with other kinds of fabric.


Wool is another great choice for upholstery, but not as common because it can feel a bit scratchy. That’s also why we often find that wool upholstery is mixed with other fabrics.


Leather is very durable and can be easily cleaned if done quickly after being soiled. If left too long, however, it can be quite a challenge to get the leather back to its original clean look.


If you’ve wondered which fabric linen, cotton, and wool is mixed with, then the answer is very often polyester. It’s easy to clean on its own, but extra care is needed when it’s mixed.


Velvet is not a separate fabric. Rather, it’s a style of upholstery made from polyester, silk, or cotton. Velvet upholstery can be very difficult to clean, which is why professional care is needed.


Polyester will often be mixed with other fabric to create the very tightly knit microfibre. It’s often quite easy to clean and shares many of the same qualities as suede, such as durability.


Rayon is a common substitute for more expensive fabrics, such as cotton, linen, and silk. It’s durable but wrinkles easily. That’s why rayon upholstery is often mixed with other fabrics.


Sunbrella is a synthetic fabric often found on outdoor furniture. That said, it’s also a good choice for indoor furniture since it’s designed to resist the elements and can last for a long time.

What can You Expect from our Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne Service?

For steam cleaning of upholstery, our cleaning team uses a water-based solution that is injected into the fabric. The excess solution along with suspended soil is then removed. We do this with a truck mount system or an advanced portable unit depending on access, which heats the water up before it’s injected at a high level of pressure. It’s then extracted again with a powerful vacuum.

1. Fabric Identification

The professional cleaners at Crystal Clean Carpet &Tiles will identify your upholstery fabric to ensure the correct cleaning procedures are implemented.

2. Dry Vacuum

We use a commercial vacuum cleaner with upholstery attachment to pick-up dry soil.

3. Application of Solution

When cleaning furniture and upholstery, Crystal Clean Carpet & Tiles applies a detergent pre-spray and agitates with a brush to penetrate the soil and marks for better removal.

4. Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning)

For steam cleaning of upholstery, our cleaning team use a water based solution which is injected into the fabric, and then excess solution along with suspended soil is removed.

5. Powerful suction. Quick Drying!

Melbourne’s Crystal Clean Carpet & Tiles use a strong vacuum suction system on the upholstery to remove moisture to facilitate quick drying time.

We aim to achieve optimum results using our knowledge and expertise, so your furniture is left clean, sanitised and looking fabulous! If you’re looking for couch cleaning Melbourne, then give us a call on 1300 767 760. We are professional and qualified technicians!


Hot Water Extraction is the most effective method of Upholstery Cleaning for heavy soiled fabrics. We aim to achieve optimum results using our knowledge and expertise, so your furniture is left Clean, Sanitised and looking Fabulous!

Each of these steps is part of the cleaning process as a whole. Although it’s possible to clean your upholstery yourself, we find that many people tend to either forget or skip one of these important steps.

That’s a big mistake.

We want to make sure that your furniture both looks as new as possible and lasts as long as possible. Not only is a professional cleaning service cheaper than replacing your furniture, but we also help preserve the memories that you’ve created with your loved ones in your space.

Don’t delay! Book your cleaning with us today!

If you’re Looking for Carpet Cleaning Melbourne visit our Website.

For optimal results, get in touch with Crystal Clean Carpet & Tiles on 1300 767 760 to speak to a friendly Melbourne staff member today.

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